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Verified Contractor Reviews and TestimonialsWouldn't it be nice to read verified contractor reviews rather than something that you can’t tell if it’s real or not? How many times do you read a review and wonder was this contractor really that bad, or was this written by a competitor trying to hurt his business?

In the Internet world that we live in, you just don’t know which reviews to believe and which to disregard. There are even people that will use bad reviews to extort money from business owners. The sad fact is that people tend to believe bad reviews faster than they do good reviews. That’s why we created Best and Worst Contractors, a website that is only comprised of verified contractor reviews. We don’t just take someone’s word when it comes to a complaint, we look at both sides of the story and need proof before we post a review. We also look at the BBB for complaints and how they were resolved. We look at other complaints found on the Internet and how the contractor replied. Nearly all businesses get complaints filed against them at some point. Some complaints are real and some are trumped up. We feel the measurement of any contractor’s worth really depends on how he handles legitimate complaints and attempts to resolve actual issues.

So as you read our verified contractor reviews and the ratings that we give each contractor, please keep in mind that it’s all been scrutinized before being posted. If you see a bad review, it’s been verified. If you see good reviews, know that they were not posted by the contractor himself.

Anyone can nominate a contractor to be listed on our site by filling out the “rate my contractor” form. The contractor himself can send us his business info by using the “get my business listed” form, but we need a review to start the verification process. We do not always put the actual review on the site as part of the verified contractor reviews, but we have seen each one as part of the process.

We want to assure you that we do not accept money from contractors to get good reviews and ratings. In fact, we do not charge contractors for being listed on our site. We don’t charge individuals to place a review. So when you read our verified contractor reviews, you can rest assured that we have done everything within our power to be sure that they are completely true.

People have asked us how we make money if we don’t charge for our verified contractor reviews. Our business model is based on selling ads on our site once we get enough traffic to make it worthwhile for companies to desire advertising with us.

We never sell your information to other companies, and keep your information private.