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Reviews of Local Plumbers

Local Plumbing ReviewsReviews of local plumbers are everywhere, but how do you know which ones are legit and which ones are bogus? All of our reviews of local plumbers are verified. That’s right, we don’t just post reviews, we verify the validity of each one.

If you post a review of a local plumber on our site, we will contact you for more details. If it’s a good review and we determine that you were a customer of that plumber, we post your review and/or rate the plumber accordingly.

In the event that an unfavorable review is posted, we want full information from both sides of the story. We want to hear the consumer’s side as well as the plumber’s side. We will also look around the Internet for other similar complaints and how they were resolved. Sometimes a plumber is really good about handling complaints and is unfairly attacked, and sometimes they really aren’t good guys. We’ll do our best to determine the actual situation and rate the plumber accordingly. If a plumber has a bad review but makes it good for the consumer we will take that into consideration when determining how many stars to assign. If there are other similar bad reviews that were not addressed accordingly, we will do our best to provide a link to those places, like the BBB, so that consumers can see the truth. We may also link to other very good reviews to help the consumer see a complete picture of the plumber.

Verified Reviews of Local Plumbers

Our system to verify reviews of local plumbers helps consumers to be sure that they are reading actual truth about a plumber. They also help plumbers showcase who they really are to consumers. No bad review that cannot be verified will be posted. So if someone is trying to maliciously damage a plumber’s reputation without cause they’ll have to do it somewhere else.

If you would like to post reviews of local plumbers on our site, fill out the “Rate my contractor” form and we’ll get to work. We’ll email you for more details and verify the review.

If you are a plumber that would like to have us rate your company, fill out the “Get my business listed” form and get some of your customers to review you. We’ll get to work on your company and get the proper amount of stars on your company listing.