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Bathenvy inc

Contracted for $4700, 3K for bathtub liner and wall surround to the ceiling. 1.7K for labor to refresh remaining 5X5 sq ft bathroom area. Gave 2.5K deposit& homeowner provided materials for 1.7K part of the project. Nothing done in 3K area. Did drywall and floor tile. However grouting was horrible as it was slopped onto tub, toilet grouted to floor and thick areas of grout never cleaned behind door so after contractor left, homeowner had to properly clean grout in order to salvage floor. Contractor disappeared, not responding to phone calls or certified letter to return unused portion of the deposit as the room was left with no light, no medicine chest, no sink, no vanity, no faucet and this was the only bathroom in the home. Home owner managed to file a small claims court case, but contractor was a no show for the trial and subsequent court dates. Contractor has not paid one cent that the court ordered him to pay. Contractor told the BBB that he earned the 2.5K but since he did not do the majority of a 1.7K job, how does his math add up? 4.7K contract minus 3K for bathtub area where NOTHING was done equals 1.7K minus most of the work not done equals 2.5K in his mind??????