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We are often asked how we rate the contractors on this site. That’s a great question because in today’s world of Internet rants and raves, you never know if you’re reading the truth about a company. We base our ratings on the legitimate testimonials that the contractor receives from their customers, we look at the BBB and similar organizations, we look at complaints and legal actions against the contractor, then we look at both sides of the story to bring you what we believe is the best information possible.

Our contractor ratings system is easy to understand. Gold stars are an endorsement of a contractor, the more he/she has, the better we feel they are for anyone to do business with. One star is for contractors with bad reviews and/or unsavory business practices. We will do our best to provide links to the data we found when a contractor receives bad ratings. When a contractor gets a single star, we say, “Flush That Contractor.”

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Please help us by rating contractors that you’ve done business with on our site. If you don’t see the contractor, simply add them to the list by filling out the form for “rate my contractor.” We will review that contractor and rate them accordingly.

There is a form for you to add a review to any contractor. Your review will be processed for accuracy then posted as long as we find it to be truthful. We post good and bad reviews based on factual information, so please be accurate, and tell the truth without embellishments. Embellished reviews may be amended or discarded at the sole discretion of our company.

When you post a review, you must include an accurate email address in case we need additional information or have questions about your experience. If you don’t include an email address your review might not be posted.

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Best Local Contractors

It’s our goal to provide reviews that will help you find the best local contractors to do business with in your area. We have reviewed many contractors in a wide variety of markets across the country. This process took several years of work before we even launched this site. If you find that the type of contractor that you are searching for in your area is not yet reviewed, ask us for help. We’ll do our best to help you find a reputable contractor in your area. Please help us find good contractors by adding them to our site when you find one!

Worst Local Contractors

Unfortunately, we all know that not every contractor is reputable. We’ve all heard horror stories about contractors that don’t show up when they say they will, do bad work, or create problems for the people that hire them. Our goal is to uncover these scoundrels and keep you from getting abused by them. Wouldn’t it be better to hire someone that honors their agreements, does great work, and shows up when they say they will? Help us find the bad contractors by reviewing them when they do you wrong.