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Art Ryans First Choice Improvements, McKinney, TX Complaint

We were doing business with Jim Ryan of Art Ryan’s First Choice Improvements for about one year. He always told us that we were doing a great job for him. He started with one website with us and over time ended up with a total of five. We guaranteed Jim Ryan, in writing, 20 first page relevant results on Google for each site. Considering 5 sites – the total was 100 first page Google rankings guaranteed. He was very happy with us. In fact, he told us just 2 weeks before he attacked us online that he was going to have us build 2 new sites for him.

We have documented proof (attached) of more than 700 first page relevant rankings for the different Art Ryan sites. Art Ryan roofing specialists – Art Ryan Insulation – Art Ryan Solar Specialists – First Choice Improvements – First Choice Foundation Repair. Jim told us consistently that he was very happy. He was hard to get on the phone and he told us that was because we had him so busy. We have a customer satisfaction scale in-house. He consistently rated himself as a “5” which is the highest number on the scale; “5” means that they are so happy they would never leave us. So imagine our surprise when we walked in to the office on a Monday AM and he had charged nearly $8,000 back against us with the credit card company. In his complaint to the credit card company, he claimed that we never delivered the service. We showed the credit card company the agreement, copies of the websites and PDF copies of the more than 700 first page Google rankings and they promptly returned our money.

During this dispute period, we offered Jim Ryan several options to release him from his contract and provide all of the sites to him. He refused. Since he had our money and did not want to work things out beyond, “give me my sites and then I’ll pay you,” we were forced to remove them for non-payment. He was also behind on monthly service payments at this point.

Even after having our money returned, and even though he was still behind on payments, we offered him the sites with the condition that we release each other from the agreement. He refused once again. We couldn’t believe he was still insistent that he was right.

You will see in his posting that he claims to have gotten almost no business, however, he goes further to say that he lost at least 3 sales in the few days his sites were down. This doesn’t add up. If he got little to no business in a lengthy period of time how did he lose 3 sales in a few days? He also says that we put our number up for customers to call. The message when his sites were down said – This account has been suspended please call XXXXXX (sic) if you are the owner of this site. Screen shot attached.

We thought it was all over and then he went online to bad mouth us. One of the sites dropped this from view as they must have seen it as not exactly true.

Here is what Jim Ryan said about us in several places online:

Liars, scam artists, non-existent service. Need we say more? XXX Ripoff XXXX (sic) would be a more appropriate name for the clowns at XXXXXXX (sic).

They convinced us to pay them $14,500 to build 5 websites to replace the one we already had, claiming more people would find us that way. Then they charged us another $16,100 over about 9 months for “monthly service charges.”

Turns out we got zero results from 4 of the 5 websites, in spite of all their rosy promises, and that tired old message of “be patient, the results are coming,”

The few contacts we did get on our original URL did not yield sufficient results to even come close to covering all the money they were draining from our credit card company.

XXXXX (sic) , the guy who sold us this package of garbage ended up leaving XXXXX (sic), we can only imagine why. Nobody bothered to call us and tell us that he was gone, or who our new contact person would be. But they still kept hitting our credit card for $2,000 a month for “service charges”.

The final straw for us came when we couldn’t get anyone to return our calls. Our last phone call was to XXXXX (sic). The receptionist told us he was going right back to his office and call us back. Must be a long walk to that office (or maybe some other disgruntled customer got to him on the way) because over 2 weeks went by and still no return phone call.

That was on top of all the other times he was “going to check with the powers that be” and “do something” to give us some results. What a joke.

At that point, the effects of the Kool-Aid had worn off to the point that we realized we were being bamboozled and things were never going to get any better. We filed a dispute with our credit card company to reverse some of the service charges. We actually disputed all the charges, but it turns out you can only go back several months on a dispute.

XXXXX (sic) responded by taking down all 5 websites (the $14,500 in charges we paid them to build those were too old now to be disputed, so these were webpages that belonged to us) and replacing them with a message saying the sites had been suspended, and giving their phone number for potential customers to call. Once again, we can only imagine what callers were being told, but we have documented that we lost at least 3 sales due to their antics.

That constitutes fraud, and our legal counsel is looking into filing a lawsuit on our behalf. That suit will have to be filed in Florida (because we were stupid enough to sign their initial agreement to that effect), and our attorney here in Texas is searching for an attorney there to collaborate with him on this action.

The response from XXXX (sic) to our credit card company claims they did indeed provide SEO services to us, and they included a few pages of Google search results on only our original URL, which we had owned for several years prior to our unfortunate association with them, and tried to claim that was because of the work they did. Turns out that the older a URL is, the more significant and relevant it is to the various search engines. We would have gotten those results with our original site, it seems.

After having one of our staff members do hours and hours of research online, we have come to the conclusion that ANY company promising to use SEO services to boost your business does not and can not actually deliver on their promises.

Bottom line – stay away from all SEO companies, but especially DO NOT waste your money with XXXX (sic).

The digital arm of the XXXX (sic) really stepped up to the plate after these charlatans made all 5 of our websites disappear. They got us up and running again almost immediately, charging us $250 for what turned out to be a better looking website. The monthly hosting charge is $29.

Too bad they didn’t solicit our business around the same time that XXXX (sic) were sinking their talons into us.

We are left wondering how we could be so naïve as to pay XXXX (sic) the amount of money we ended up paying them.

We have gotten much better results from the XXX (sic) designed website (in less than a month) than we got from the entire 9 months listening to XXXXX (sic) empty promises. For a WHOLE lot less money to boot.

We will make back what these guys stole from us, and make up for the lost business they caused us at the end. This was just a temporary setback.

Just wanted to do our part to warn anyone else who thinks these guys are going to do anything meaningful for them.

We think NOT !!!

Best and Worst Contractors Conclusion about
Jim Ryan of Art Ryan’s First Choice et al:

We looked at the more than 700 rankings that this company generated for Jim Ryan of Art Ryan’s companies. We looked at the contact forms that had been filled out as well as the traffic reports from the sites and it is clear that Jim Ryan is not telling the truth about this company. He had significant rankings – over 7 times the guarantee on Google alone, and many more on other search engines. He had substantial traffic to his websites. He had people filling out forms indicating that they wanted to get quotes from him. We also viewed the message that was online while his sites were down and there was not a number for his potential customers to call. There are too many indications that Jim Ryan lied.

Jim Ryan in Frisco Texas– shame on you and your companies – Art Ryan Roofing Specialists – Art Ryan Insulation – Art Ryan Solar Specialists – First Choice Improvements – First Choice Foundation Repair.

The evidence is clear here that the guys that Jim Ryan attacked online did a great job for him and he attacked them anyway. We would not recommend that anyone use his companies and we choose to Flush this Contractor!